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Access for All Smiles

Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile

McMillen Health developed Access for All Smiles, a dental health resource for caregivers of adults with disabilities. This resource will help professional and family caregivers learn:

  • The importance of dental health for the adults they support.
  • Best practices for daily mouth care.
  • Behavior support techniques to make daily mouth care a success.
  • How to encourage the desires and goals of the adults they support.

This self-guided resource is broken down into easy-to-understand topics, such as Daily Care Basics and Adaptations and Positions. Each topic includes:

  • Short, engaging videos.
  • Motivational interviewing tips to support adults with disabilities.
  • Short, written modules.
  • Interactive handouts that can be used as added support tools.

Take the Training

Access for All Smiles also includes one- and two-hour caregiver training videos. You can watch each below:







A computer monitor displays the image of a a group of people with disabilities. Text to the right says, "Access for All Smiles: 2 Hour Caregiver Training."

Professional Advisory Group

Thank you to the members of the Professional Advisory Group who helped make the development of this curriculum possible:

  • Kelly Bermingham, MA, BCBA, SHRM-CP, Social Skills Learning Collaborative, Easterseals Southern California
  • Paul Glassman, DDS, MA, MBA, California Northstate University College of Dental Medicine
  • Gary Goldstein, DDS, MA, MA, New York Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council
  • Darlene Jones, RDH, MPH, University of Michigan
  • Camie Powell, Special Olympics Arkansas
  • Holli Seabury, EdD, Delta Dental Foundation
  • Crystal Spring, RDH, LAP, Smiles Across Montana
  • Chrissy Stephen, RDH, MS, McMillen Health
  • Barbie Vartanian, New York University College of Dentistry
  • Allen Wong, EdD, DABSCD, American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Special Care Dentistry Association


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