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Mini-Grants for Nonprofits Promoting or Providing Oral Health Care

Each year, the DDF provides financial support through its Community Mini-Grants program to various community organizations and programs that promote or provide oral health care and initiatives in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

This year, the DDF will be providing grants to support programs that are designed to increase dental access to underserved and high-risk populations, provide educational programming on the importance of oral health and how it relates to overall health and identify, and reduce health disparities related to oral and overall health.

How to Apply

The 2023 mini-grant application cycles will be open as follows:

  • March 13, 2023, to April 23, 2023. Recipients announced in May.
  • August 14, 2023, to September 17, 2023. Recipients announced in October.

Apply for a Mini-Grant


The DDF evaluates each application on its own merit. Careful consideration is given to each request, and requests are reviewed in terms of general eligibility and conformity with grant guidelines, funds available and the amount needed to achieve the desired results and program priorities.

Also taken into consideration are programs and activities in which the requesting organization is engaged; the number and type of constituencies served; services offered; accountability and fundraising practices; availability of other funding sources; and past successes. In addition, grants should be:

  • Limited to a maximum of $5,000.
  • Dedicated to local nonprofit programs designed to promote oral health in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana.
  • Designed to increase access to dental care for at-risk populations; reduce consumption of sugary foods and beverages; educate about and provide oral health care to pregnant women and their babies; and educate about and improve children’s oral health, especially in school-based settings.

If you are looking for oral hygiene supplies, such as toothbrushes or toothpaste, or you need oral health brochures, posters and flyers, please visit our In-Kind Requests page instead.

Reporting Requirements

When the DDF awards a grant, we enter into a partnership that we hope will help us learn more about effective ways to improve oral health. The reporting form is the primary tool we use in measuring the achievements of the programs and projects we support and the impact our philanthropic dollars have in the communities we serve.

Each prior grant recipient must complete and submit a grant reporting form by the submission deadline of the application cycle, to be considered for the 2023 Community Mini-Grants Program. Please submit completed form to or include it in your 2023 application.

Download the Reporting Form


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