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Disabilities and Oral Health Equity

Better Oral Health for People with Disabilities

Right now, oral health care is often inaccessible for many people with disabilities. Families may face years-long wait times and lengthy drives for a dental appointment—all while outstanding oral health issues escalate and overall health declines.

The Delta Dental Foundation is committed to radically shifting that paradigm through policy change, provider training, stigma reduction and education. You can learn more about some of the programs and resources we fund to support oral health equity for people with disabilities below.

Inclusive Health Training

We develop and funds programs to provide inclusive health training to dental professionals that help increase access to quality care. These include:

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Caregiver Education and Resources

We fund and develop tools and resources to better support parents, caregivers and the people who rely on them. These include:

Awareness and Advocacy

We support projects designed to boost representation of people with disabilities and increase awareness of the oral health challenges they face. These include:

  • All Smiles Shine, a national campaign in association with Project Accessible Oral Health, Henry Schein and Colgate to increase awareness of the barriers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities face.
  • A photoshoot and exhibition in association with Positive Exposure to raise awareness about the oral health disparities faced by people with disabilities and promote inclusion in dental care settings. 
  • A multiyear partnership with MSDA to explore a Medicaid carve-out to protect dental benefits for people with disabilities.


Advocating for oral health excellence and equity for those who need it most.

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