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Oral Health Assemblies for Elementary School

McMillen Health’s “I Need My Teeth” live school assembly follows the story of James, a seven-year-old boy, who asks the Tooth Fairy to take his teeth so he can buy a Roger the Red Robot. James goes through a day without teeth! He learns how important teeth are for eating, talking to his friends, and answering his teacher’s questions. The story is brought to life with a cast of actors, which includes a six-foot-tall Roger the Red Robot, a real live Tooth Fairy, James, and his cousin Matthew! The cast of actors travels throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana thanks to funding from the Delta Dental Foundation to deliver this fun, interactive oral health education to children in preschool through second grade.

If your school is more than 150 miles away or is not able to host visitors, the cast and crew can connect with students virtually. This distance-learning option allows the assembly to connect with up to 400 devices or connections at one time using Zoom or Webex.

So far, nearly 30,000 students have been a part of the “I Need My Teeth” experience! To find out more about this live, interactive oral health assembly for children in preschool to second grade, please contact McMillen Health at or (888) 240-7268. If your school is located outside of Michigan, Ohio or Indiana, fees will apply.

Follow Along with Matthew's Story

You can also watch an animated version of "I Need My Teeth" at home or in the classroom! Each video follows Matthew, a boy with a toothache, as he learns more about why taking care of his teeth is so important. 

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